Villa & Rooms

The experience

Vorbourg 15 offers you a change of scenery: here, you are in a space of serenity, with all of the modern conveniences

The Villa offers you its large spaces, its personalized rooms, with views its park and the Old City. From the moment you walk through the door, you will gain a sense of hospitality. The swimming pool, the park and the outdoor facilities bring you relaxation and tranquillity in an island of greenery. Spaces for your colleagues, your family, or your friends.

From here, you can walk to the Old Town of Delémont and easily access all its amenities, restaurants, theatre and cinemas. The exploration of the Franches-Montagnes and other regions of the Jura can easily be extended to Basel or neighbouring France. The proximity then takes on the appearance of a beautiful journey.

After your excursions, make yourself at home: the Villa offers moments of relaxation or debates, in our reading and music rooms, or simply gathered around a generous table.

From the first floor and the collective spaces, a monumental staircase takes you up to the two floors dedicated to the bedrooms. Each of the seven rooms has a personalized decor and mixes heritage with contemporary furniture. The rooms are spacious, often boasting a sitting area or desk. The bedding is new and of high quality. A magnificent suite occupies part of the second floor.

Exclusive offer

Equipment to meet your requirements

7 Rooms
2 Bathtubs
2 Showers
5 WC
3 Bathrooms
Swimming pool
Linen and bedding
1 Big living room
1 Reading room
1 Dining room
15 People
We wish you an unforgettable experience at Vorbourg 15